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About Us:
Created in August 1991 under the name of Weeks & Associates, Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC, provides structural engineering consulting, residential construction, internet site development, residential home inspections, expert witnessing, and leading edge software development and consulting for a wide range of companies.  The company is committed to providing our clients with the most value for their construction and consulting needs.

Letter from the President:
Feel free to view an open letter from the President.


  • To achieve complete client satisfaction
  • To provide complex and efficient engineering analysis and design
  • To provide expert witness services that are fair and unbiased
  • To create the highest quality homes using the latest technologies
  • To perform complex remodeling projects
  • To empower and support a team dedicated to the mission
  • Values:

  • Honesty and the courage to demonstrate it
  • Dignity expressed through fair treatment of all individuals
  • Faithfulness to honor our commitments
  • Ability to create a competitive advantage
  • Inspiration of creativity and vision
  • Intensity in the achievement of our goals
  • Excellent performance and its recognition
  • Loyalty and respect earned by adhering to these values
  • Company principal:
    J. Barton Weeks, MS, MBA, PE - President

    Contact information:
    Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC
    1331 Legacy Drive
    Birmingham, AL 35242
    (205) 980-9093
    (205) 981-2119 Fax

    Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC

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