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What are Clients Saying About Our Construction Work...

"We spent several months house-shopping, and had finally decided to build on a lot in Liberty Park, and even had put money down on the lot. We continued to look while we were talking with builders, and decided to stop by Barton's house in Highland Lakes. As soon as we walked in the front door, we saw many of the things we had been looking for - a large open foyer, a large dining room and a formal living room, a huge two story den and a big kitchen with ample eat-in area. Although many houses had these rooms, the layout in Barton's was livable, practical and aesthetic. He pointed out some of the special touches, such as the bayed window in the eat-in area and the cantilevered bedrooms upstairs. Although there was much open space, the floor plan makes very efficient use of the space available so that all three upstairs bedrooms were larger than usual, and there was still room for an office. The master bedroom left us several options for arranging our furniture, unlike many we have visited."

"Barton also pointed out some of the engineering features about the house, including the use of the latest building technologies, such as LVL wood for beams and silent I-beam floor joists. All the wiring and plumbing in the garage was neatly tucked into the joists above, again unlike many of the houses we have visited. But I think the outstanding feature of our home is Barton's commitment to quality - he has always been available to check out anything that was not quite right and fix it. Even now, almost a year after we moved in, Barton recently came over to replace the weather-stripping on the bottom of our front door. It was factory-installed and not very high quality. Barton had to take the door down and saw off a quarter inch to replace the weather-stripping with a user-serviceable one. As I say, Barton Weeks is firmly committed to quality, and his subcontractors tell me that if they don't follow his high standards exactly, he will find someone else. You won't go wrong with Barton Weeks as your builder."


"Since moving into our new home, we have received numerous positive compliments from family members and others regarding our house selection."


"Thanks for a job well done.  You helped sell the house."


"You have been nothing short of terrific to work with and I can't tell you how impressed we are not only with your work, but your honesty and integrity.  Dealing with people out of town and against the way...would have been easy 'pickins'.  You definitely understand the "high road" and its much appreciated.  Please use my name/position, etc., whenever you think it would be to your advantage when quoting a project.  I just hope I'm able to return the favor of our dealing by helping in any way I can to improve you business.  Best personal regards."


"We also enjoyed meeting with you and fall in love with the house more every time we see it. We have a tremendous appreciation for all of the hard work and the vision you had of it. We will take a great deal of pride in calling it our home. I can't wait to cook on the new stove.  We will have you over as one of our first dinner guests. By the way, this is the first time my parents have been here and they are blown away with your house.  They are enamored with it!"