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Infrared Inspections

Home buyers, corporate clients, and governmental agencies all over North America rely on Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC to provide quality home inspection services (HUD and FHA approved), engineering services, accurate reporting, and realistic pricing.  You will receive the help you need to make an intelligent buying decision.

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Why have a Home Inspection?
As a home buyer, you want to protect yourself.  Your home is most likely one of the largest investments in your lifetime - so it is to your advantage to have a clear picture of the conditions of the property you are looking at.  Any defects discovered before the sale translate into direct savings for you.  At times, what you discover may encourage you to look for a different property. In either case, you win.

To get that clear picture, you need an expert who understands the different mechanical systems and structural components of the house and the way they interact.  This job is done by a licensed home inspector and a registered engineer.

What does a Home Inspection cost?
We have a minimum fee of $800.00 for an inspection which will entitle you to four (4) hours of the inspector's time.  Additional hours are billed at $200.00 per hour.  Why are we higher than some inspection firms?  The answer is simply that you are paying for a professional engineer and home inspector with years of experience in both the inspection and engineering field and also someone who is a practicing contractor who keeps current with the major Building Codes.

In addition, getting both the services of a home inspector and a registered engineer in many cases will save you time and money in the long run.  If a home inspector who is not a registered engineer recommends the services of an engineer, most likely the mortgage company and probably you will require a registered engineer to evaluate your house.  Thus, you will be paying for the services of a registered engineer which typically costs $800.00 to look at the isolated problem noted by the home inspector.

Home Inspection
So, what does the home inspector do when he comes to inspect your house?

The inspector checks the condition of all the mechanical systems (such as the heating, cooling, and electrical system, etc.) and structural components (walls, foundation, floor system, roof, etc.) of the house.  The inspection typically takes about 2 - 4  hours and it is highly recommended that you attend as well. You will be able to ask the inspector any questions and learn a lot about the home.

The following items are covered in a general home inspection:

  • exterior components - windows, doors, exterior covering
  • drainage - driveway, grading, gutters, downspouts
  • roof covering and roof framing
  • interior components - flooring, fireplace, finishes
  • foundation and structural framing
  • walls, floors, attic, and attic framing
  • built-in appliances
  • plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling systems

As the inspector checks every individual component or system, he will show you any problem he spots, explain its cause, and give you an estimate for the cost to cure.  The inspector will record all his observations and recommendations in the home inspection report.  Remember, we are on your side to help you make a smart buying decision.

Home Inspection Report
Your inspector will send you a report indicating the condition of all the major components of the home.  If the house is in good shape, the report will simply summarize all the good points.  If it has problems, the report will explain them and define clear action steps to correct them.

In some cases there may be a need for further evaluation of a particular part of the home and engineering calculations performed.  Since we have registered engineers on staff, there is no need for the additional expense to hire an outside consultant.

Top Ten Home Problems
This is a list of some of the most frequently sited defects in a home when it is inspected.

1.  The house has poor drainage
2.  The house has faulty wiring
3.  The roof leaks
4.  The house has an unsafe heating system
5.  The whole house has been poorly maintained
6.  The house has minor structural damage
7.  The house has plumbing problems
8.  The house's exterior has leaks
9.  The house is inadequately ventilated
10.  The house has an environmental hazard