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Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC provides a wide range of civil and structural engineering services, residential construction, home inspections, and thermal imaging consulting to its clients.  Our engineering team is always looking for unique projects to apply our innovative and creative engineering talents.

Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC structural engineers specialize in the following:

  • Engineering Services
    • Commercial, State, Federal Facilities
    • Steel, Concrete, Timber, and Masonry Structures
    • Specialized Structures
    • Foundations
    • Repair, Rehabilitation, Restoration
    • Building Expansions
    • Process and Chemical Facilities
    • Pulp and Paper Facilities
    • Manufacturing
    • Heavy and Light Industrial
    • High Tech Manufacturing
    • Specialized Structures
  • Residential Design Services
    • Structural Adequacy Analysis
    • Residential Home Plans
    • Design of Structures Subject to Seismic Activity
    • Design of Structures Subject to Extreme Wind Loads
    • Foundation Walls
    • Timber Design
    • Masonry Design
    • Structural Steel Design
    • Reinforced Concrete Design
    • Engineered Wood Products Design
    • Expert Witnesses
    • Structural and Home Inspections
    • Building Envelope Analysis
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Infrared Camera Analysis
    • Chinese Drywall Inspections

Residential construction has been a successful part of the firm for many years as realized by our many satisfied customers.  We specialize in custom home design and construction.  Each home designed by the firm and carefully monitored during construction so that the homeowner obtains the quality and service they deserve in a custom home.  We will work with potential homeowners to define their needs in a home and to bring these requirements into a package which can be constructed at a cost that reflects their budget. 

Technical Solutions
We believe our role is to be a rapid change catalyst, so we are constantly evaluating tools and techniques to reduce the time to deliver systems and applications. Our staff is required to maintain professional engineering registrations in multiple states and to keep current in the latest engineering software, codes, and engineering techniques.

Our staff can perform technical on-site training on building construction and best building practices, building code implementation and interpretation, and structural engineering topics.  Contact us for details.   We embrace partnering with other consulting firms, suppliers, builders, and contractors.

Contact Information
Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC
1331 Legacy Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35242
(205) 980-9093
(205) 981-2119 Fax

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