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Professional Service Fee Schedule

Download Download a service fee schedule in Adobe pdf format

Professional ServiceHourly FeeMinimum Fee*
Home Inspections / Infrared Inspections$250.00$1,000.00
Engineering Calculations / Drawings$250.00$1,000.00
Engineering / Construction Reports$250.00$1,000.00
Expert Witness Investigation$300.00$1,200.00
Deposition Testimony$350.00$1,400.00
Civil Trial / Arbitration Testimony$350.00$1,400.00
Subpoena Inquiry $250.00$150.00
Expense Fee Fee  
Travel mileage$0.60 / mile 
FAX$0.50 / page 
Long Distance Telephone$0.25 / minute 
Copies$0.25 / page 
Large Format Copies/Blueprints$10.00 / page 
Photographs – paper or digital$0.50 / photo 
Videos – tape or multimediaActual Expense 
Travel ExpenseActual Expense 

A retainer in the amount of the minimum fee may be required prior to professional service engagement.  Professional services will be based on a minimum fee and billed at hourly rates once the minimum fee is met. All travel time associated with each service will be billed at the rate for which the service is being rendered.

PAYMENT TERMS – Due upon receipt.
Invoices not paid within 10 days of receipt of the invoice will be charged a $40.00 LATE FEE and INTEREST of 18% per annum.  In the event of non-payment after 45 days of receipt of invoice, Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC may terminate its work at any time and recover payment for all work executed prior to the termination and for any proven loss including reasonable overhead, profit and damages applicable to said work.  Further, client shall be responsible for any and all expenses including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees, court costs, late fee, interest and costs incurred by Weeks Engineering Construction & Consulting, LLC in attempts to collect any amounts due and payable.

Cancellation of a service without a 48 hour notice will incur a cancellation fee equal to the minimum service fee listed above.

Rates effective 07/18/2021