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Typical items needed for the application of a building permit:


Plot plan indicating location of structure on property, set-backs, etc., for planning and zoning approval

Copy of sewer impact fee letter or health permit for septic system

Contractors license numbers, subcontractors names

Project information - owner name, address, phone number, project name and physical address, square footage and description of job.

Subcontractors must call for their own inspections and reinspections (plumbing, gas, mechanical, electrical)

Sequence of Inspections
Temporary electrical service
Footing inspection
Plumbing in slab (if applicable)
Wall inspection
Slab inspection
Electrical rough
Plumbing rough
Gas rough
Mechanical rough
Framing inspection
Electrical final
Plumbing final
Gas final
Mechanical Final
Building final

Electrical temporary wires crossing roads must be elevated a minimum of 18 feet.

A 200 amp service must be 4 feet minimum and 6 feet max from ground.

Underground electrical is buried 36 inches deep